Newbeat Music is driven by Mixing & Mastering engineer Lasse K.H.P from the heart of Aarhus, Denmark.


No project is to big or to small and I work within all styles and genres from Rock, Pop, Electronic etc.


My main goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and the highest sonic quality on every project.


Please get in touch and tell me about your project or if you have any questions.


With 7 years of experience within the field I know that every project is different and requires a unique approach.


Together we find the optimal result and timeframe for your project. Appointments can be arranged over a cup of coffee or online according to your location.


I ensure that the mix meet your dreams and enhances all aspects of the song. With my background as a producer I also know how improve the arrangement and development of the music.


The final glue of the track is one of the most vital parts and it includes both sonic balancing, compression & loudness, in order to compete with modern standard.


All these are achieve with my mastering service. I also make stem-masters if you desire a more in depth sonic handling of your mix.


Sessions can be attended or arranged online according to your wishes and requirement.



The following are my basic prices on mixing and mastering services.


  • Mixing / Pr.Track / 2500.-kr
  • Mastering / Pr.Track / 650.-kr
  • Stem Master / Pr.Track / 750.-kr


All projects includes raw audio file & mix reviews before handed over.


Listed prices are including 25% Danish tax.


Discounts are given according to your projects size, level and complexity.


Please contact me for further information or regarding any questions :)


Send me an email:


Drawing from 7 years experience within mixing, producing & mastering, optimal quality is guranteed on every project.


Music is my passion and it is my believe that the handling and processing of audio is one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating a hit record.


I've also been touring with various artists as musician and crew over the past yearsand therefore has a solid background within the live area.


This background enables me to provided technical assistants and to develop great backtrack mixes for live use.


I have a bachelor degree in Value Chain Management and is therefore use to handle timelines, contracts and other business aspects beside audio processing.



Lasse K.H.P.


DBX, SSL, Lexicon, SPL,Drawmer,

TC Electronic,Universal Audio, KRK,

Warm Audio, Apple etc.


Deltaburst, The Jackals, She,

Drop Dead Disco, Voltage Funk,

Lastmatter, A-Imagination and more.

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